The Taste Test

Are you a little bit fresh or feeling intense? Find out which wines you'll love: take the interactive taste test above or answer these three simple questions below and you'll discover whether you're sweet, fresh, smooth or intense.

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Answer these 3 simple questions, using the bottles, to find your wine taste

What's your favourite hot drink?

Do you prefer 'No Added Sugar' or regular soft drinks?

Do you like salt?

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Take the Interactive Taste Test

In wine there are no rights and wrongs. It’s just a case of like and dislike. Ever wondered why you enjoy one wine and your friend enjoys another? Hit play below to take our Interactive Taste Test now!

Science behind the Taste Test

Our taste test consists of just three quick questions which are all based on 80 years of science. How does the taste test work and how will it help you find more wines you’ll enjoy? Hit play below to find out.