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Australian Wine

The Aussies are as skilled at making a fruity, mellow wine as they are firing up a top-notch barbie. It may be too toasty to grow grapes in much of this sun-scorched country, but they flourish in the southeast corner of Australia.

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Yering Station Village Pinot Noir 750ml

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You'll get red berry flavours and a violet scent from this delightful Pinot Noir. Yering Station has been making wines since 1838 and you can taste their experience in this rocking red. You'll love it with a Sunday roast chicken or pork.

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There can't be many winemakers that can say that an entire village was built just to look after their lovely vines but this is one of them. Way back in 1838, a chap called William Ryrie planted the first vines in Victoria, a region now known to make some of the best wines in Australia. A few years later it became one of the biggest wineries in the area and an entire village was built just to house the people who tended the wines. You'll be able to enjoy the fruits of all those years of dedication in this splendid red made from carefully selected bunches of Yarra Valley Pinot Noir grapes. Every glass is full of rich, ripe strawberry and cherry fruit flavours with a violet scent, a touch of herby freshness and a hint of complex toastiness that comes from the time the wine has spent ageing in French oak barrels. Squirrel it away under the stairs, or in your wine cellar if you have one, and you'll experience even more delicious and complex flavours when you finally crack open the bottle.
This is a lovely red to share with friends on a special occasion. Serve it with a lovely leg of lamb or roast beef, or you could just simply enjoy it with a plate of top-quality cheeses.

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